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Our Mission:

To provide quality learning opportunities and make learning to code a real possibility for the "rest of us", a means to create, contribute, and enrich our communities.

More About Us...
We are small staff organization made up mostly of teachers. We work for the second largest school district in the country, the Los Angles Unified School District. We know a thing or two about education and of learning programs that aim to close the education gap, especially in the inner-city where we live and work. There is a great need for tangible academic progress in inner-city schools. To address this problem, we have worked hard to design this space, a free space to learn, create, and share lessons. We provide students SES Tutoring and opportunties to learn programming concepts. Join Us.

Nuestro Trabajo...
Somos una organizacion pequena de maestros trabajando por el distrito escolar de Los Angeles. Ofrecemos tutoria en aprendicaje de matematicas y lectura. Tambien ofrecemos a estudiantes oportunidades de tomar cursos de programmacion gratis.Estamos aqui para aprender, crear y disenar projectos usando idiomas de programmacion y paginas de internet para individuales y negocios pequenos.


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California SES Tutoring


K-12 Tutoring

    Animo Inc. is a State of California Supplemental Educational Services provider or SES (free tutoring). We are a group of educators serving the Southern California school-age population in k-12. Tutoring is offered in the subject areas of language arts (reading and writing) and mathematics. We offer academic tutoring services after school, weekends and during the summer that are conveniently located at local libraries, various community-based locations and in the home.
    Your child is eligible for free tutoring if he/she: Attends a Title I school that has been identified as “in need of improvement” and has free or reduced-price meals. If your child meets the requirement, you must complete an enrollment application and submit it at the Parent Choice Fairs, Your Child’s School or via the District Office. Look for us in your school's enrollment application!
    Para calificar para servicios gratuitos de tutoria el estudiante debe asistir a una escuela que esta designada como Programa de Mejoramiento de 2+ anos y deben recibir almuerzo gratis/reducido. La escuela debe recibir fondos de Titulo 1.

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  • ..."to produce tech-savvy citizens "at scale," to borrow an industry term, the heavy lifting will happen in " public school classrooms. Increasingly, to have a good shot at a good job, you'll need to be code literate".

    --Tasneem Raja
  • "If we are going to prepare our students to thrive in this new global information society, we must provide all students with the opportunity to develop a fundamental understanding of the principles of Computer Science".--CSTA

Our Projects

High School Mentors
AnimoEd Team Department Title
Hector Hernandez Management Project Coordinator
Jesus Gutierrez Management Project Coordinator
Aureliano Nava Programming and SES Director Executive Director

Our Tutors Experience Subject
Hector Hernandez Teacher-L.A.U.S.D Math and L.A.
Jesus Gutierrez Teacher-L.A.U.S.D Math and L.A.
Rosa E. Nava Teacher-L.A.U.S.D Math, L.A., Basic Programming